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Eery, creepy timelapse vid of the Oklahoma tornado…

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Thanks to the advances in sensor technology, a small-sensor digital camera can rival the macro capabilities of a flagship DSLR with a “true” macro lens. Despite the lower reproduction ratio, producing macro photography is broadly accessible at a bargain. Macro Photography does require solid technique and visual style, so don’t think that you can just pickup a camera and snap gorgeous photos. ”Patience is a virtue,” and you will certainly need it to capture great shots.

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In New York City, sidewalk listening stations offer album preview

We’ve already seen a number of innovative marketing techniques employed to promote musicians, most recently Belgium band Absynthe Minded‘s campaign that only let fans watch their video when the song was receiving radio airplay. The most recent innovation we’ve spotted comes from French fashion and record label Kitsuné who teamed up with creative media agency CNNCTD+ in the US to promote an album using the latter’s Sound Graffiti method, which enables passersby to listen to music at sidewalk-located stations. READ MORE…

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The evolution of rock concert gestures. [via canvas]

Solid remix. 

Interesting, both graphically and informationally…


America Revealed

  1. Visualization of internet distribution;
  2. The pinpointed distribution of the unemployed;
  3. Domino’s Pizza’s raw ingredients’ delivery routes in the Northeast;
  4. U.S. electricity network routes;
  5. Traced paths of deceased bodies being transported to their hometowns;
  6. U.S. imports and exports of beef;
  7. All the people in America’s towns and cities.

Full episodes of the series can currently be viewed online for U.S. residents only.

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There’s been a lot of simple vilification of right-wing people. It’s really easy to say, ‘Well, you’re Christian, you’re anti-this and that, and I hate you.’ But to me, it’s more interesting to say, ‘What is this person like and how do they really think?’ Do I have any common ground with people like that who find me really, really offensive? Do I have common ground with them? It’s worth exploring.

Louis C.K. On Comedy, Love, Life And Loss (via npr) Via NPR

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